24 Mar 2018

Health Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberries are usually considered to be a snack or part of a dessert. And while these berries are notorious for their taste...

Raspberries are usually considered to be a snack or part of a dessert. And while these berries are notorious for their taste, they also have quite the health factor. They contain many compounds that can help with heart disease, digestion, and even cancer.

Eating raspberries should be part of a balanced and healthy snacking routine instead of a rare treat, and here’s why:

Ellagic acid

This compound was shown to slow the spread of cancer. While it has not been shown to prevent or cure cancer, it certainly slows the growth of tumors. This seems to be a healthy compound to add to your diet as a safety precaution. Of course, foods that prevent cancer are also important, slowing the spread of the disease could even prove to be a lifesaver. Not a bad benefit for eating such a delicious berry.

Vitamin C

This is one of the essential vitamins for general health. As most people know this vitamin can help boost the immune system and prevent sickness. But vitamin C is also useful for several other functions including the strengthening of blood vessels, the construction of connective tissue, and the maintenance of healthy skin and bones. Raspberries are an excellent natural source of vitamin C if you ever find yourself tired of orange juice and vitamin chews.


Raspberries also have a fair amount of fiber in them. This is useful for the digestive process and also helps prevent high cholesterol and heart disease. High cholesterol and heart disease are widespread problems in America and can even lead down a path to danger. Diet is an integral part of preventing those problems.

Raspberries are an excellent source for these compounds and also are very low in any harmful compounds. 123g of raspberries only contains 64 calories. They are also very low in fat with only 1g of a 123g serving being fat. It is a low-fat, low-calorie snack that is very sweet with natural sugars.

Raspberries are also very convenient because they can be used for so many different snacks and recipes. I even know some people who buy frozen raspberries and eat them straight out of the freezer as dessert. This is one berry you should add to your regular, daily diet. To take advantage of its numerous health benefits.

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