31 Oct 2017

Do You Know What Mistakes Boys Make When They Flirt?

The conquest is not easy; flirting, for the vast majority of us, is not an easy task and, of course, it is not something we have learned.

Because in Asian rivers, layers of the Earth and how to solve second-degree equations have spent many days teaching us, but how to approach a girl we like and try to convince her that we love a lot, not a minute of class, hear, not one!

1. Approaching a woman in the wrong place

No. It's not worth any place to go out and flirt. Not all sites are suitable to approach a person and throw four hints. Just as not every situation is useful for making jokes or talking about mechanics, you can not pick up and contact the first change for someone to flirt. An example? The gym. And it's time for someone to say it loud and clear: guys, the gym is not a place to flirt. The gym is going to exercise and, at best, to give you a free shower afterward. People like to be concentrated, with their music, their routines, and their stretching. It is not pleasant to feel out of the corner of your eye how others look at you in your tights or your twists while you stretch.

Another example? Library. It is worth when you are studying tends to disconnect in many moments and let the imagination fly. But from there to think that the girl who sits 13 positions to your right in the library is having at that precise moment in which you stare at her, a fantasy with you and with the downtown bathrooms, there is a stretch. People often go to libraries to study or, at best, to do a job of "19th-century architecture in colonial America", so maybe it is not the time to launch the cane, friend.

2. Assume that she wants to flirt

You're in a disco, a good reggaeton background sounds, you put your chorboradar at maximum power, and you determine that getting close to that group of six girls that dance in a circle (closed) on the side of the track is your best move. You approach them with a slow rhythm (or so you think, in reality, your movements are more like an epileptic attack than a wiggle with swing), and you notice how, suddenly, and in an unexpected group turn, they raise a kind of shield formation.

Where once there was a circle, now four backs are pointing at you. You, who do not give up quickly, want to think that it has been a choreography more or less casual, never intentional. In a pincer movement, you try to penetrate the fortress by one of the sides that you have now discovered, but ... with another, even more, orchestrated movement, a wall comes back into your way.

This time of two girls dancing face to face between yes, that clearly indicates that you are non gratoin that place. So, you have to know when to retire and understand that there are people (a lot of people) whose goals when going out to parties are not necessarily linked.

3. Drinking too much

While this is one of the brightest examples of when not to approach a girl - at least to flirt -, it is precisely at these times when more temptation and desire you have to do so. Few things can come out well from a meeting between someone with very disturbed faculties and other relatively sober people: you will talk more, you will vocalize less, you will trip over more, and you will understand less. A glass of wine or gin to cheer up a bit, okay. Drink half a cellar during dinner and finish with stocks of rum (and gin, Birra, and pacharán) before leaving the restaurant, sorry. Drinking a few glasses takes away two tons of embarrassment from above, and believe me: so it does not have to be right. The drunks speak loudly; they do strange things (of the type get into public fountains at 3 o'clock in the morning), they do not listen to their interlocutor and worst of all: the next day they tend not to remember anything. Make sure, if you know the woman of your dreams, at least you will remember her name after a while.

4. Use typical and very trite phrases

Use phrases (or pick up lines in English) like "Hey, I can invite you a drink?" "You have a beautiful smile" or "Are you a trampoline? Because I want to jump on you "(okay, this is not typical, but it made me very funny when I heard it), it's an easy but rarely effective way to approach a girl. It often denotes a lack of personality and certain insecurity. Try to be more original or, if that is not your strong point, apply the least is more and start with a simple "hello, how are you, my name is Javier, happy to say hello." That can often be enough to start walking.

The case, friends, is that you have to find a balance between being the most original and using spent ammunition, because it is not a plan that, in a show of originality, you suddenly let someone go: "Hi, how are you? I've seen here alone waiting, and I wanted to ask you if you were an animal, what would you be. And if you had to choose a city in the world where you would go and live with me, what would it be? " Because that's very unlikely to work, really.

5. Do not ask questions or show interest in what you say

If you have got the first appointment (or even in the previous one), showing too talkative and without apparent interest in the other person's life will be a blunder that will cost you not to want to stay with you again. Clear or brag more about what you have or what you are, is also a good scarecrow-women. The ideal in a conversation is that it takes place naturally and is something like a tennis match: yours, mine, yours, mine, in which both parties contribute their experiences, opinions, and points of view. But in case the talk gets stuck, throwing questions at the other person will denote interest on your part and will make the thing flow much more naturally.

PS: Another phrase that should not be used under any circumstances (but that I love): "Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile. "